Wednesday, July 29

question, answered. sorta.

In the comments for my last post, Laura asked where I get my coupons. Well, that is kind of a complicated answer, and kind of not. It doesn't feel complicated now, but there was a time a couple of years ago when it sure seemed complicated!!

I used to buy a Sunday paper (Detroit) every week and clip out the coupons myself. The problem with this is that the paper price sometimes was worth the coupons, and sometimes not. I tried a Coupon Swapper group, that was a disaster. I couldn't find time to review, take out expireds, replace, and get in the mail again. And the coupons that were coming weren't really things that anyone would use.

SO I went back to just buying a paper, but there was so much waste, and when I did get a good coupon, if I wanted another one, I would have to buy another paper to get it, or bum inserts from friends (which I never did). I saw deals on Money Saving Mom that were for things I use and even need, but they often required 2 or more of the coupon.

So when two friends from church became the Qpon Queens and started a coupon clipping business, I decided to give it a try, and I am hooked. I pick out the coupons, send them an email telling them what I want of which variety, and they put them in a nice little envelope and give them to me, and I pay pennies. (well, actually I pay about $3 for a fabulous stack of coupons) I am saving money, actually, since I am not buying a paper anymore and I don't buy coupons every week. Some weeks I'd buy an entire paper and be able to use 1 coupon. And I don't have clutter from coupon inserts and the leftover Sunday paper any more. THAT ALONE is a happy reason to buy coupons. Oh, and technically, I'm not actually buying coupons - just the clipping service and the lack of clutter service. Plenty worth it, indeed.

I also print coupons from links I find at deal saving sites like Savings Diner, Spend Freely (both are written by authors I know in real life) and Money Saving Mom. Not all stores will take coupons printed from online sources, but the ones around here do so without a problem. For baby & child-related deals, Baby Cheapskate is great.

There are some places you can get coupons and samples in the mail for joining - just Monday I got a bunch of Rice Krispies coupons, including a coupon for a free box! My favorite is Vocalpoint. You can also print certain offered coupons via that website. Those $1.50 waffle coupons came from Vocalpoint, too.

There are tons more sites and places you can get coupons - some libraries offer coupon swapping boxes, there are people who get papers and don't use coupons, and there are a bunch of sites out there. Be careful as you search online for coupon sites, though. There are some sites who lure you in hoping to load malware or viruses on your computer. If you stick with reputable sites, you will eventually get referred to a bunch more, and your savings will multiply.

I'm sure some of you have suggestions for Laura, too. Feel free to leave them in the comment section!


Tracy said...

In addition to the Spend Freely and Money Saving Mom sites, I also look at and

I also buy my Sunday paper right before the gas station closes, and I'm usually able to pick up three or four extra coupon inserts.

Anonymous said...

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