Friday, March 20

what would you do?

Yesterday, I was in clean-out mode and grabbed a bunch of things to take them to the van. On my way, I was stopped by a man going door-to-door telling people about his yard work services. He offered to clean up our front and back yards, bagging the leaves, for $35. He said he'd be back this weekend.

What would you have said?

I told him yes, and am optimistic. But I've always been a bit of an idealist. I also know it would take me at LEAST a whole day without any interruptions (and I know how UN likely that would be) to clean up the yard and bag the yard waste. Not to mention the soreness of back that would definitely follow. Michael has projects too numerous to list, so my reasoning was this could check a massive one right off the list. He agreed, thankfully.

So, I'll let you know how it goes.


Rosemary said...

I guess that it is 'the Willsie' in me, or just because I am a 'sixies person', but I am pretty distrustful of ANYONE coming into my yard. I personally 'bark' at them, 'NO THANKS' and wish that I still had my dog to do that for me.
HOWEVER, I think that it is really good that this guy is taking the initiative to go out and try to make some money. (I am sorry to say that I know of people who just sit and say, 'Oh well, I can't get work, so I won't try.')
If he does come back to do the work (when Michael is home), that would be great. Good for him! Let us know how that goes...

Kara said...

Amanda had this happen last year. I think her husband finally chased him away though.
If you have a bad back I would pay the 35 bucks.

TwoMuths said...

LOL you guys! Michael will be home, and soon. Plus, we have some great neighbors across the street - I am definitely not worried about safety. I just hope he shows up!! I'm thinking $35 is a great deal for Midland.

Rachel said...

I'd probably have said yes too...and just hoped he did a good job :) It sounds reasonable enough. That is my favorite part of living in a town home with an association, they do a good job on the yard :)

Mary Ann said...

My dad is a landscaper & does everything from clean up to design. He charges almost that much PER HOUR, so if the guy shows up & still agrees to the 35 bucks, I'd let him do it :-) Have a great weekend!

Shelley said...

If you need the help and can afford it I would go for it when my husband was at home.

We have hired highschool kids that were trying to earn money for missions trips to do yard work.

I appreciated them moving bark and gravel instead of me.

It's creative for this man to go door to door to find work and not wait for the work to come to him.

Hope it goes well.