Thursday, March 12

at least I have a nice, clean floor.

Aaron was playing in the bathroom sink, something he's done for months now. I sat in there talking to him for awhile, and then thought "I could go switch the laundry now" and went the 25 feet to the laundry room, switched the wet clothes to the dryer, and all of a sudden I heard a yelp from Aaron. I went quickly to see what the trouble was, and found him running totally nude down the hall toward me.

Somehow he had figured out how to pull the drain closed, and the overflow valve couldn't take the deluge. Water was spilling over the sink, down the vanity, and onto the floor. Thankfully the baseboards are up in the bathroom, otherwise Aaron's carpet would have been flooded. Water was pooling on the bathroom floor, and had made it's way into the drawers of the vanity, which contained many absorbent items like a box of Qtips and some feminine care products. I'm thankful the Q-tips were almost empty - there was quite a bit of water accumulating in the box.

I'd been meaning to wash the bathroom floor and clean out those drawers - just not this way! We had a nice firm chat about not filling up the sink with water. Poor kid was pretty scared by the uncontrollable water.

Thank you all for your prayers, I really feel them. Evan's sleeping off a bad cold (I hope) and I'm on the waiting list at the doctor. If an appointment opens up, I'll know I'm supposed to take him! Wishing you all an incident-free Thursday!


Rachel said...

What a bummer! Glad to hear you are looking on the bright side :) There are many things with Jacob I have to remind myself to enjoy..."this too shall pass" :) and WAY TOO SOON!! Sweet boys.

Alicia said...

What a mess - good thing it was just water! I'm sorry though, I couldn't help laughing as I envisioned that naked little boy running towards you to avoid the deluge! :)

TwoMuths said...

Alicia, I am laughing too, now...

Shelley said...

Great story,
One time when the girls were being watched by Eric's parents when they were small while Eric and I went on a date.
The story goes that one of the girls flooded the bathroom by stuffing stuff down the toilet. They were amused that the toilet was over flowing the water flooded the bathroom floor and started down the hall. They were laughing and jumping in the water.
Because they are were laughing and playing it caused my in-laws to laugh and not get upset.
We'll I'm glad I wasn't there because I would have been upset.
Thankfully God has helped me with my responses since then.
Thank goodness for grandparents.

Most of the things I clean are the need to do basis, So unless something happens it I'm not so motivated.

Karis said...

Love the outlook and you're right -- a clean floor is always a nice thing no matter what caused it to get cleaned... after the fact. :-)

Rosemary said...

Ah, the wonders of 'nature': the beautiful Muth Falls and little boys' obsession with water!
As toddlers, my grandsons played CONSTANTLY with the water in the kitchen sink. The oldest(13) is now an excellent dishwasher!
For some reason, my granddaughter wasn't interested in the water. Do your readers find that their little boys like playing with water more than their little girls? (Just curious if it is a gender thing.)
Very cute story. Thanks! It made me laugh!!!

Amy K said...

You don't have a basement, right? When Ryan did this, he put a plastic bathroom cup over the drain that caused a huge flood ... Right down the heating vent and into the basement. And oh no, it wasn't just under where the bathroom vent was. It traveled through the ducts and to further places. Oh the boxes we had to take outside, go through, empty water and re-pack. At least maybe the ducts are a little cleaner now:)

Tim and Richelle said...

How's Evan?