Wednesday, March 11

two more doses

Aaron slept through the night last night (hallelujah!!) and woke up chipper this morning, which is good...for him. Two more doses of the azithromycin and we'll be done. Evan doesn't have a fever, and his cough seems to be from congestion, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

My body is fighting the pending illness, and fighting hard. The only thing to do is cling to God's promises and nap when I can. Thanks, all, for your prayers.

And I suppose I spoke too hastily. We will all be glad for Spring's arrival. Cue the pastel confetti and come on over. I'm hoping to make some coconut cupcakes later this week (but decorated in coconut, not all that candy). And I certainly can't eat 24 of them all by myself.

Just because I am curious, and I have sugar on the brain, what is your favorite spring/Easter candy? Mine is the mini cadbury eggs, the little solid chocolate ones. The creme eggs make me gag, but they can be your favorites and I won't mind one bit.


Busch family said...

Mine are the caramel ones! I wholeheartedly agree with you on the cream eggs. Yuck. I do like the solid chocolate ones too!
Hope you all get 100% healthy soon!

Shelley said...

Glad your family is on the mend.
I love jelly belly's and malted chocolate eggs.

ruth said...

I like the caramel cadbury ones as well! I also like the peanut butter filled chocoate eggs.


I hate peeps. I remember having a sort of strange peep war in my dorm my freshman year at N'land... We had a peep that no one wanted to eat (because, ew!) so we would stick to someone's bedpost. Poor little peep went from bedpost to bedpost. He was in pretty disgusting shape by the time we threw him out.

Stephens said...

I LOVE Robin's Eggs!!! I'm a chocolate/malt, Whopper, lover. They are so similar, but even better, I think. Also, I have to tell you--I DO love the creamy Cadbury eggs! :-)