Friday, March 6

Open Windows

It's beautiful today in Michigan. We have our doors and windows open as we are trying to remove the vicious germ family that has decided once again to start making the rounds.

Aaron has a horrible cough, fever, and more congestion. We had to go to the doctor this morning and she gave us a prescription to fill if his fever does not go away by tomorrow. I am just PRAYING that the rest of us stay healthy.

The boys have had us up in the night for the past 3 nights, so we are hoping tonight will be one of peaceful slumber.

So for now we enjoy the sunshine and low 60* temperatures. It's enough to lift my spirits, and show me dust bunnies that until now have remained in the shadows. Time for Spring Cleaning!

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Shelley said...

Spring cleaning is fun because Spring is near.
I finally took my Christmas decorations off the chandeliers in the Great Room. I've been a little slow this year.