Monday, April 24

toothpicks are not our friends

Thanks, everyone, for praying for my family! After 3 days in the hospital, mom is home, and she can see some improvement! Hurray! Dad's sinus infection is still raging, but he's not as swollen so that has to be good.

Mom got a chance to plant some seeds at the hospital, pray for Pam (a fellow patient) that God will work in her heart and draw her to himself. She let mom pray with her before she left. Also pray for Pam (a nurse). My parents know her from way back. Mom was able to talk to her for quite awhile and said she seemed like she wanted to just keep talking. Pray that God will use mom's presence and testimony to remind her of what she is missing by being out of fellowship with God. I'm so encouraged by mom's testimony at the hospital and her acceptance of a stinky situation, knowing there is always a Reason for things that happen.

Nevertheless, walk a wide path around toothpicks.


Kelli said...

Praise the Lord that you mom had so many witnessing/encouraging opportunities! I pray that the seeds will be watered. I am glad that she is home now and can continue her recovery! Hopefully your dad's infection will go away soon! Thanks for sharing!

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

I am glad your mom is doing well and that she was able to plant seeds in the hospital. The grace of God is wonderful. Even in "stinky" circumstances He give us the grace to be used of Him. Praise the Lord--He is good all the time.

I'm not sure I understand the toothpick thing.

Gardners said...

Found your blog, Jenny :). Give your mom a hug for me and let her know that we young women will ever be grateful for her example. Never will I take rogue toothpicks for granted. I must admit that I really would like to be added to your "friends" list and so have taken it upon myself to post this.
Love ya!

TwoMuths said...

How I would LOVE to add you to my friends list! Leave your site and I shall do it straightaway!
Love you too!

Alicia said...

thanks for the toothpick warning. we don't use 'em so we're safe.

way to go jenny's mom at being a witness! God's grace is so good to give us the spirit to witness for Him!

Tim St. Clair II said...

Give your momma a hug for me! I am glad that she is doing better. "No more toothpicks in class, Mrs. Forbes!"

When life slows down for us, we really want to come and visit you guys! Hang in there, we are praying for you and we love you lots!

carissa said...

Is that Stephanie Gardner..I'll have to check her blog out :0)

Truly Jenny, I am grateful for your mom's testimony as well. I'll pray for Pam and your parent's recovery. Maybe you should go take care of them :) You could be the parent and they could be the children. I told Sarah Talbert the other day that you were by the grind and she couldn't believe you were here.....OH! I made a mistake, I meant Jenny Searcy....oops! She laughed. At least you're remembered

TwoMuths said...

OOps. I don't remember Sarah Talbert...but I probably would if I saw her.

The Gardners who commented are Jason and Autumn (Parker) Gardner. I really want them to send me their web site!