Friday, April 21

today, I see God in joint compound

God is BIG. we are little. Again and again, this truth is driven through my thick skull. My very thick skull.

This week, God provided 5 full and 2 partial 5-gallon pails of joint compound for us for free. Someone at church has just finished a basement remodel and their contractor made a "mistake" in his estimation of how much they would need. This guy from church asked if we thought we could use it.

Can we use it. We have an entire house to drywall! Praise God for contractors' errors, and church family generosity. We are blessed indeed.


Ruth Valiante said...

I really appreciate your posts. They truly are an encouragement. I thank God for His provision in your life and for your testimoy of His Grace!
Love you,

Shannon said...

I too put God in a box too many times to count. You'd think I'd get it by now! I'm thankful for His patience in daily reminders like "compound" or whatever to let us know He's in control and will provide our every Need.

Alicia said...

praise the Lord! I love it when He shows us specifically how much He cares for us through unexpected provision. Baby crying, must go. happy drywalling.

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

Hello Jenny,

Long time no talk. We are now officially bloggers. It is good to get back in touch with people. Our blog is We have linked ya'll and look forward to talking.

Kelli said...

Praise the Lord! It never ceases to amaze me to see how God provides for our needs before we have even voiced or realized them! Praise the Lord for His provision! Thanks for sharing; that is always encouraging to hear!

Tracy said...

Praise God, I'm excited to see how God provides for his children in so many different ways. It was great to see you at Grace a couple months ago (I think that's when you were up here -- My brain has a horrible timetable).

Congratulations on your soon to arrive child!

TwoMuths said...

CORRECTION! It was 10 pails, 7 unopened and 3 partials. To GOD be our praise!!!