Thursday, April 27

checking it twice

For awhile now, I've had a mental list of things I'd like to do before I die. Not that I'm planning to do that any time soon. These aren't things that really matter, just fun things that I'd like to do. My friend Andrea recently posted on things she'd like to do someday, and it inspired me to write some of mine down. I picked nine because, well, everyone does ten.

go wilderness backpacking
visit Italy
learn how to throw pottery
publish a children's book
play a cello (and do it well)
dye my hair red
write good music
learn how to swing dance
invent something useful

And there it is, in black & white. I probably missed one or two of my favorites.


andrea said...

9 or 10, huh? interesting.

Kris said...

don't know whether you remember me from NBBC - Kris (knox) Ertl, married to Mike Ertl. I came across your blog the other day, and just wanted to say HEY and CONGRATS on the baby! We are expecting our first in July as well - very exciting! It is great to catch up on what is going on with you both!

drew said...

of course i remember you guys. thank you very much. it has been a lot of fun playing basketball for my dad for these last 4 years. congrats on the baby! my birthday is july 28 so maybe he/she will come a day early :)

Alicia said...

I can proudly say I've done 2 of your list (and I've attempted to write good music - I arranged some piano music for my nieces & nephew as Christmas gifts. boy was that harder than I thought it would be!). I've been wilderness backpacking (or tramping as it's called) in New Zealand and I've learned the basics of swing dancing.

You've always wanted to dye your hair red, eh? What kind of red? like that punk bright red or an auburn?

TwoMuths said...

yep. just a few. you are the queen of the someday list.

I do remember you. Hey right back, do you have a blog? Good to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting, even if my comment was "fishy" in origin. I wouldn't mind a 1-day-early arrival of the small one.

punk red, of course! No, not really. I've always wanted to have auburn hair, but Michael thinks blonde is better. Red runs in our family, maybe our kids will get it.

Abby Turner said...

Once you start dying your hair, you can't stop! Don't do it Jenny - it took me 15 years to finally get it back to natural - or at least think long and hard about it! :-) Other than that, proceed with the other tasks! he he he! You'll find with time that your top 9 will change to other things, usually bigger and better and more grandiose! We're women - we're allowed to change our minds as often as we want, and no one can say anything about it! :-) That's my motto at least! HA!

Dynamic Duo said...

do you want to sail the seven seas?

Jenny Pittsley said...

Hi, Jenny! Sorry, I meant to contact you before, but after I wrote the comment, I think I forgot to publish it! Anyway, it's great to hear from you, and congratulations on expecting! Babies are quite an adventure :)

carissa said...

way to go alicia!! We'd like to see those talents :) Great list Jenny. You have a better imagination than I do. All I want to do before I die, is SLEEP....And wake up refreshed just one day :) How morbid is that. For one day we shall not all sleep, but be changed...Glory!! ok, done with the sermon

bethoven said...

Is that "throwing pottery" like actually MAKING it or as in flinging it across the room?? I hear pregnant women can have mood swings. :) Sorry, I guess I'm unfamiliar with that terminlogy, but I enjoyed the list! It's always great to have goals.

TwoMuths said...

LOL!!! Thanks, Beth! I needed that today. I want to learn how to use the pottery wheel, but actually flinging it across the room might have its rewards!!!

Karen said...

If you're serious about writing for children, then you need to look into the Institute for Children's Literature. I'm almost halfway through the course, and I'm working on getting an article publishing-ready! :) (There's a link on my blog.)