Monday, April 3

confessions of a slacker

I'm horrible at remembering birthdays (as you may know from experience). I've tried to use a calendar with color-coded ink; a special card organizer from Hallmark with little post-its to remind me; I've even written all the birthday cards for each month out, addressed and stamped them with "mail me October 13" notes on each one.

But still, I forget.

I only have one brother. I grew up with him my whole life. He's always had the same birthday. And he's quite the brother. I forgot to call him on his birthday.

Sorry Nate. I really do love you, and your card and present really are on their way.

Thanks goes out to my mom, who emailed these sweet little reminders of how fun it is to be a big sister!


Dynamic Duo said...

thanks jen, i feel loved
you are a good sister

Shannon said...

I know exactly what you mean. I can't wait for Esther to get older to be my reminder! :) I always did that for my mom. I've had a harder time remembering things since being a stay at home mom -not looking at a calendar everyday..they all run together.

Kelli said...

Cute pictures! I sit at a desk every day so it is pretty easy for me to remember unless they come on weekends...that is a different story! I have different birthdays/anniveraries reoccuring on my calendar for forever-that way I will never forget!!

Alicia said...

Cute pictures. love your curly haired little girl photos. I know how you feel about forgetting birthdays. Boy am I glad I have a small family with not too many important dates.

TwoMuths said...

Al: Yeah, I have a small family too, or at least I DID until I married Michael!!! I have almost given up hope for remembering. :-)

Kelli: great idea, I will have to set up some pop-up reminders!

Michael's Mom said...

My brother's birthday was yesterday, the 4th. I thought about him several times during the day, but didn't quite know how to contact him. Shame on me for not keeping in touch better. I hope I get to talk to him next month. I understand he will be a little bit more reachable at that time.

Have a great day, Jenny and Michael! I love you.


TwoMuths said...

Mom, I've seen your calendar, you are very organized about this!! I even have an old one of your calendars for the purpose of knowing whose birthdays are when! You are GREAT at getting those cards out and calling!!!