Friday, April 7

the name game

We who are both named with two of the more popular names of our day know how it is to be known by your first name and last initial, or to hear your name shouted out and turn around only to find 5 or 6 others in the room turning also.

It's not like we hate our names. Michael said it about right yesterday: "I like my name a lot, I just wish it wasn't popular"

And so, we thought we were being really original when we came up with our top picks. Turns out our favorite girl name is #6 in the top ten most popular names, and I'm not sure I can do that to our child. Neither one of us want anything crazy; we just want something not on the top 10 list. SO we're back to square one. Or we just have a cool middle name picked out. Or we'll say forget the top ten list, use the name we picked, and deal with the same whining I put out when there was constantly more than one Jenny around.

Either way, we're still working on choosing a suitable moniker for the next member of our family, should that member be female. Thankfully, our boy choices survived unscathed. Now for the boy middle name...


bethoven said...

So glad you found my blog. Honestly I haven't kept track of too many Northland people so it's been great to join the blog community and re-find all sorts of friends! I've added a link to you on my blog. It was great to hear about you. Congratulations on the new addition, too...hope you're able to come up with that perfect name!! ;)

Alicia said...

Eek, I know how you feel. I came across the name Chloe in 1 corinthians and both matt and I loved it immediately. Little did I know that it's becoming a popular name! Grrrrrrrr. What names do you have in mind so far? I think whatever name you and Michael like you should go for it. God really settled our hearts when we agreed on Chloe. Before that we didn't agree on any names - crazy or conventional.

TwoMuths said...

Well, we like Aaron for a boy (it's Michael's middle name) and were thinking Abigail for a girl. I know we'll find the perfect name, and we do have a few months!

Shyla said...

We loved the name Abigail...unfortunately, Nathan has a really annoying cousin named Abigail and I didn't want to hear her running around saying we named our baby after her - so that one went right out the window!! Forget the top 10 list! The list changes - if that name is special to you and you both like it - go for it! I mean, why name it bertha just b/c it's not a popular name! :)

TwoMuths said...
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Kelli said...

I am sure you will come up with the perfect name! I love the name Abigail. It is not too popular! Aaron is nice too! Good luck baby name hunting! My mom managed to name all my siblings with differnt, yet not weird names: Bryce, Brianne, Colton...mine of course is popular, but she said it is different because it is spelled with at "i"! Anyways, good luck!

Shannon said...

Jenny - I love your names. Abigail was one of our choices too and if we ever have a boy it will be Jonas Mark. We had a harder time b/c our last name 'conley'. I liked Mackenzie a lot, but didn't go. It's funny now, the reactions I get to when people ask about Esther (Faith)'s name. I've heard anything from 'cool' to old-fashioned to 'wow- poor girl'. :) We named her after the Esther of the Bible and plan on telling her that someday and hope she'll be a woman of Faith too. Oops - Sorry this is so long.

Katie said...

Isn't it fun to be able to pick your baby's name? I love that part of having a baby. We planned on naming our baby John Owen if he was a boy. But the night before, switched to Luke Roland. I wasn't really even used to it! It was kinda funny. I agree with you that I don't like popular names or real funky either. I tend to like more old fashioned names - Chris doesn't always agree though. My favorite girl names were Kate or Charlotte, but Chris and I finally decided on Anna Lynn. But we had a boy, and I'll probably not get to use the name Anna because now I have a niece named Annabelle Maddalyne! O well. Hope you and Michael agree soon. :)

Tim St. Clair II said...

I am loving the blogger world! Hey it was great to talk to you guys the other day. We really need to get together sometime and catch up on life.

I love the process of picking out a name for a new baby! Sarah and I love names and we already have a nice list that we like for any new ones that God may choose to bless us with. Have fun with the choosing!

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