Tuesday, January 18

microwave love

So, I haven't mentioned anything about my new microwave that I can remember, but it's times like this, times when I spilled a full travel mug of fresh-brewed chai tea between the glass panels of my 3-month-old oven and taking it apart myself to clean it voids the warranty and the jury is still out on what it will cost us to get that done by a licensed technician, times like THAT...

Well times like that make me thankful for my microwave. Which is also a convection oven. So I can make dinner or a loaf of gluten free banana bread without blinking.

Worth the investment. And as a bonus, it gave us this awesome bump out feature in our kitchen and looks like a built in, even though it is the most massive countertop microwave I have ever owned. Custom cabinets are not overrated.

Yep, cookie houses on top of the fridge, waiting for the cookie house fairy to whisk them away in the night. Because I managed to convince the kiddos that they are only for decorations. How mean of a mom am I?

SO thankful for this bonus of a gift from God, totally unnecessary, but ever so nice.


Shelley said...

Eric uses the microwave every day.
I dont' use it that often, but it's nice when we need it.

What a blessing
So nice that it's high up.

Mary Ann said...

So sorry about your oven door! That is so like something I would do. However, I have been a good girl lately & not melted anything on our flat top stove :-)
Your kitchen looks just beautiful. Clean & crisp lines & sparkly.
I would so tell them gingerbread houses are just for decoration, too. I'm sure it would taste awful & be all stale anyway. Ugh. Let the fairies come quickly! :-)

Carrie said...

LOVE your cabinets and the microwave looks awesome!! We have ours up high in a bump out cabinet, too--very similar to yours. I love how it turned out, even though it seemed awkward at first for getting things out of the microwave . . . now I'm used to it. You're right about custom cabinets not being overrated. :) Ours is just a regular microwave, but it's really big. Having a convection oven/mic must be super nice!! Enjoy!!

Kara said...

I'm so jealous of your kitchen it almost hurts to look at the picture. My cupboards are soo ugly I can hardly stand it. I was thinking of painting them, but am praying that someone will just come and buy the house instead!!!

TwoMuths said...

kara, that makes me so sad. :-( If it makes you feel better, the cabinets won't be permanently mine. I am sure our next house will have super ugly cabinets.

Amanda said...

I would like to come and use your microwave sometime. : )