Wednesday, January 5

Home Reserve (Part 2)

We had ordered some fabric swatches from Home Reserve - my stipulation was that it either had to be machine washable, or wipeable. Lucky for me they have both options. We are nice boring people when it comes to furniture colors so our swatches were all solid brown. But you certainly don't have to be boring, and you can change your mind in the first 30 days, so we decided to go with LaPaz coffee, which is a bonded leather, and hope for the best.

The boxes arrived in good time, (the company is based in Ft. Wayne, IN) and were so well organized, with easy-to-follow instructions and cool expandy foam and pillows. The wood parts were very clearly marked - the numbers are actually routered into the piece itself. There is very little chance of getting confused.

Michael was home on vacation, so when the Fed Ex truck pulled up we were both almost giddy with anticipation.

Yes, we are total nerds.

See those little T-shaped things? Those are the key to the whole design - without them, says Michael, the boards wouldn't hold the screws.

The instructions say you only need a screwdriver to put the furniture together, but we both agreed it would take years. A drill is a good idea.

We started with the ottoman, and even with children underfoot, it went pretty quickly. The fabric is a VERY tight fit, so when we went to put the board under the foam part of the top, we had to adjust it and remove it and try again. but then, when we were all done, we had a very nice ottoman. With storage inside.

In fact, ALL the furniture has storage inside, so along with being a smaller furniture piece, it is a multi-tasker. BONUS! None of the storage bins are hinged, so it is not as easy as it could be to use the storage, in fact, ours is empty now, but I'm sure as the years go by we will find the perfect use.

So here is Michael working hard, and the next post will be after pictures and my review. I promise. I am having difficulty adding them to this post for some reason.


Alicia said...

Cool! I love the storage idea -- what a great place to stash unused toys!

laura.railing said...

haha that storage would be GREAT if you had unexpected company coming over!! But then that might be a bad clutter area! Who would ever check to look in your COUCH though to snoop for clutter? lol fun post to read! We might have to keep them in mind!