Wednesday, June 30

life's little snafus

Please pray! The car that Michael has been using to get to and from work (my first car, ever, boo hoo hoo) has finally bit the dust. Would you pray that God would provide just the right vehicle for us? We don't always need 2 vehicles, but there are days when it is somewhat necessary. We'd like to find a vehicle that is reliable and inexpensive, and our budget is stretched pretty maximally now. I know God will provide, but would you pray with us to that end?



Shelley said...

Lord you know the budget of the Muths, I pray for your provision for them in their transportation need.
We thank you that all good gifts come from you.

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Praying for a miracle car...and God's hand of provision to be very evident. Mom & Dad

Mary Ann said...

I'm sure the Lord has just the car you need. I'm praying!