Friday, June 11

Fun on Friday, week 2

This morning I got a call from my friend Michelle, reminding me that it was Friday Story Time at the Children's Garden in Dow Gardens. I'm trying to keep us all out of the house a little more, so I quickly finished the project I was in the middle of while the boys finished up breakfast and watched a quick cartoon (to keep things moving!)

So anyway, we did meet her there, briefly - basically just said hello to each other - the boys and I were too late for story time, but there was lots of fun still to be had. We only stayed about 40 minutes, but Aaron & Evan sure had fun playing in the bubble tables! Here's to many more fun Fridays at Dow Gardens!!


Rachel said...

SOOOOO FUN!! Summer is Super.

Amanda Irene said...

this coming week is vbs so next week I will be at dow gardens on friday!! I keep saying I need to get out there! I am wrting in on the calendar now! Hope I recognize you. ahah