Wednesday, November 26


So a Biblical discussion of "rights" is always welcome, but first I'd love it if you would check out the new link on my sidebar, and see for yourself if you feel that you should sign this electronic petition. I can't say enough about the importance of our job as parents, and doing everything possible to preserve our ability to perform our God given task is definitely appropriate.

Please, check it out, and sign the petition to amend the constitution to include parental rights as a God given and constitutional right, if you feel so led.

Just a note - Life on this earth is fleeting, God is always in charge and there is no room for fear, doubt or worry on these issues. When humans govern humans, unfortunate situations will take place and unfortunate precedents will be set. But God is always good, and always ALWAYS in control.

I'm thankful that I have permanent citizenship in Heaven.

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dan and cheryl forbes said...

God IS always in control, and we gain strength in that realization. Civil freedom does make it safer, easier, more convienient to perform our God-given mandates, but the absence of that freedom mearly divides those who obey God out of convienience and those who obey out of conviction. Loss of civil freedoms is not the end of Christianity--though it may be the end of Christianity AS WE KNOW IT. Electronic petitions are worse than useless--they have no legal or moral weight, but engender a false sense of having fulfilled an obligation. As I read the proposed amendment, it is unenforceable and its terms indefinable, thus useless on its own "merit".