Tuesday, November 25

there is always hope

Sometimes you don't know if it's really sinking in.
And you just don't want to keep on doing what you have to.
Or you think maybe you really can't keep on teaching.
And discipling. And doing the dirty work.
There are days when you lie on the couch and try not to cough up a lung,
read "Let's Play Peek-a-boo" seventy nine times and wonder if this is
why you're feeling brain dead.

But then, God sends moments like this.


Rosemary and Dale said...

TOO Precious!
Aaron, you are a GOOD teacher! We can all learn alot from you...just sit down beside someone, stick the Bible in their face and say "JESUS LOVES...YOU!!!". I love it!

Rachel said...

God promises that His Word will not return void :). It must warm your heart to watch Aaron "teaching" Evan from the Bible. My former pastor always used to say, "You are clipping the coupons." Are there more valuable coupons to clip? Happy Thanksgiving!

Kara said...

That is beautiful!
My kids think every book is a hymnal and "sing" from it.

Just so you know, I'm holding out for Aaron and Abby to meet and fall in love someday...

Shannon said...

This is SO adorable!!
Seriously the cutest thing ever.
I give my unborn baby girl permission to marry either one of them in 20 years. ;-)

Stephens said...

Very sweet! Kris could use an asst. out here. :-) We need someone to help in children's ministries. Hee hee Love you guys and miss you so much. It's great to see the boys in video and not just photos! I love the pics too though. It was just nice to see them moving and hearing Aaron's voice.