Monday, November 10

Works of God Monday

Is it seeming to anyone ELSE that these days are flying by? I think it is crazy how fast the weeks just float away like a vapor. I've been amazed at what God has been teaching me about making every minute count. I'm thankful for His patience with me, as I am a vvvvvvvvery slow learner.

This week, God blessed by showing us an area of our budget that we can use for other things - now we still need to sit down and rework things, but hopefully this will help us quite a bit. We are so grateful!

So, how is God at work in you? It could be a physical provision, a spiritual lesson learned, an opportunity to share with others, anything that was an evidence of God at work in you. Blog about it - then follow these directions:

In the Mister Linky widget below,
simply type your name in the top box, or a short description of the work that God has done, and then in the second box, paste the link from your specific "Works of God Monday" post. Feel free to use the image from the top of this post if you like.

PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to post just on Monday! You can link a post from a previous week, or come and link on Thursday if that is when God works and you want to share! And if you don't have a blog, leave your work of God in the comment section!


Rosemary and Dale said...

Thanks for the 'vapor' reminder. Making every minute count is a good goal!! I linked my WOGM post to share our blessings this week.

Michael & Sandra said...

Hey - I finally was able to get a works of God one done at the beginning of the week! WHOHOO!