Monday, September 10

I can't believe I won!

A couple weeks ago I blogged about some giveaways, and you will never guess what just happened.

I. Won. And. I. Am. In. Shock.

According to the giveaway details, I get my choice of a really nifty doll from Lindie & Friends. I think we're going to pick Gator. Or maybe Mouse. Somehow I think one of the animals would be a companion best suited for Aaron. Plus, I just like them better.

Now I just wait for details. Yippeee! I love winning free stuff!


The Barkers said...

How cool! I looked them up the other day. I love Gator!

Alicia said...

AWESOME! I've been commenting on that bloggy giveaway site constantly since you let us know about it. Way to go - those dolls are adorable!

Tricia said...

Yeah for you! I as well have been commenting daily on each new giveaway, but of course, never expect to win. So I'm glad that you did!

Mission St. Vincent said...

How is it you won that contest and mine? I've heard about people like you! Extremely lucky, that's what it is.

Glad to hear and congratulations!