Friday, September 7

I'm definitely out of the loop

I knew I was slipping, I knew I was far removed from all things musical now that I'm at home with Aaron. I knew my music teacher days were over for a season, but I didn't really know how bad it had gotten until I got an email this morning from my dad, telling me that there was a special program on public radio today on Luciano Pavarotti from 1-3.

Immediately I knew that he must have died, (they don't often do 2-hour specials on live people. which is a-whole-nother post!) so I quickly googled it and found out that he'd died yesterday, at 71, of pancreatic cancer. I didn't even know he had cancer.

Pavarotti reminds me of so many things - the years of my education, especially - the days that I was thoroughly immersed in music and things musical. Mostly, it reminds me of my favorite "non-date" uh, date.

I had a wonderful accompanist in college. We were definitely sibling-type friends. (You truly get to know each other during 4 years of voice lessons.) I remember freshman Wyn coming to school all decked out in his cowboy boots and bolo tie, fully bluegrass, fully honkey-tonk gospel. I remember the complete transformation. He was the best I could have asked for.

One crispy fall day we were walking from lessons to somewhere and Wyn said, "I have a question for you. I've got tickets to go see Pavarotti in concert. I was going to ask a real girl, but that isn't going to work out. Would you like to go?"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!?! Pavarotti was on his last ever US tour - this was the chance of a lifetime! I was ecstatic! We packed up and went to Wyn's house - his family lived close to the performance location - and let me tell you, it was unbelievable. I've never seen such a diverse crowd. I saw bikers, rockers, nerds and snooty rich people. (I'm pretty sure we fit into one of those categories.) Our seat was right near the balcony. A great view.

Then, out came Pavarotti. And out came his magnificent voice. I cried - it was that beautiful. And even now, thinking about it, I'm actually welling up. I could have sat and listened for hours. And hours. Without getting tired of it. And I'd be willing to bet that anyone at that concert would have said the same. It was more than opera. It was more than words, more than music. It was more than I could ever have imagined, more than I can explain.

I've never been so thankful not to be "a real girl"

And when I am old, and my grandchildren play my opera cd's, and wonder at the "old fashioned" technology, and probably giggle at the music as children do, I will tell them about the time I got to hear Pavarotti in person. And hopefully, I will share with them about the God who gives incredible, amazing gifts of all types to all people - that we might wonder, and be amazed, and worship Him, the Creator and the Giver.

What beauty or gift has caused you to wonder at the goodness & greatness of God?


ruth said...

I wonder at the gift of frienship. Thanks for being mine.

The Barkers said...

That is an awesome story!

Alicia said...

That's very funny that he didn't consider you a "real girl". I bet your hubby begs to differ.

Just last night I cried at a movie moment depicting the sacrifice and commitment of love. Definitely a blessed gift from God!