Thursday, September 27

Isn't it amazing?

We serve a gigantic God. Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent. (just the beginning of all that He is) And yet, He chooses to use us, to grow us, to challenge us. All to His glory. It's amazing, in the jaw-dropping, word-stopping sort of way.

God used this post to encourage and rebuke me today. He is so GOOD!


Karis said...

I am in a Romans Bible study this fall. Part three which is chapters 9-11. Before we jump in there, we are spending this week studying attributes of God. We are looking up verses all week and then writing how we would live differently if we kept that attribute in our remembrance or another way it affects our daily living. What a blessing it was to start that this morning -- we do serve a gigantic God!

That post brought out a very convicting question for me. Thanks for passing it along.

Rachel said...

Wow!! This post was what I needed to read today. I love the verse Phil. 4:6. I claimed that verse while I was pregnant with Michael and I claim it even more so now that I am a mom. God has called me to do be a mother and He will be the One to "do it". Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for sharing that post. How rebuking & just what I needed to be reminded of!