Tuesday, February 12

Praising the Lord

Yesterday, I was praising the Lord for the safety of my brother, despite all odds.

This morning, Michael called. The clutch on the Mazda finally gave out. Providentially, it was not on the highway, but instead near a parking lot.

God is good all the time, and I am thankful this week that He chooses to show His hand of protection. So often I take this for granted.

I'm also praising the Lord that the SD card was retrieved from the computer with only a little shaking and a few gyrations. Of the computer, not of me. *wink*

Yesterday also was the beginning of a new adventure for me - the world of food co-ops! A family from church is heading up a produce co-op and I was thrilled to come home with a month's worth of fresh produce for significantly less than grocery store prices. How exciting - and a perk is that the food purchased through the co-op has a smaller gap between organic and non organic produce, so that more of our food can be organic! Praise the Lord for budget stretching on our behalf!


ruth said...

Thanks for the reminder that God's goodness doesn't change with the circumstances. Praise the Lord for safety and provision!

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

Praise God for the safety of Nate! Your mom and I used to sing this great song, "I believe in miracles"!!
So glad that you found the SD card!
Aaron is a pretty smart, and HELPFUL kid. Bless his heart!
I am also glad that you found a food co-op!! I used to belong to one when my kids were in that 'eat everything in sight' stage. It did save a LOT and I was happy to provide healthier alternatives to processed food. My sister Kathy is a long-time member of one near where she lives in Mason, MI (she practically RUNS it I think). If you need any advise, I am sure that she would be happy to help. (I think that you have her e-mail address)
Aunt Rosemary

Rachel said...

Wow! I'm so glad that your brother was kept safe. We can't take God's protection for granted!

Thanks for sharing all of your praises. Keep us posted on how the co-op works out. I've never been a part of one but it sounds like it will be great for your family. :)

Rachel said...

I didn't look at the pictures until now and I am crying as I type this. I am truly in awe of how Nate was able to have very few injuries. For some reason, the photos made me teary and thankful for how God protected your brother.

Alicia said...

Great news and perspective on God's provision. It's easy to forget how dangerous driving is and how much we depend on our vehicles to cooperate.