Wednesday, February 27


Your will cannot lead me where Your grace will not keep me
Your hand will protect me, I rest in Your care
Your eyes will watch over me, Your love will forgive me
and when I am faltering, I still will find You there.

God's Grace is and always will be sufficient. When sickness enters day #8, when all I can do is sleep, and when I will finally be able to drink a glass of water without wondering how soon I will see it again. God is good, all the time.


Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

Continuously lifting you up to the Lord, dear. Praying for God to use His RAID on this mean bug...SOON!!!
Aunt Rosemary

Life in Lewisburg said...

Pray you will be feeling better soon. So you can take care of your fellows.
Love, Shelley

Karis said...

Did you have "morning" sickness before the flu? Can you tell if this miserable time is intensified by "morning" sickness mixed in with the flu? My mom was telling me that my grandpa was down for a little over a week with a horrible strain of stomach flu (and I know morning sickness wasn't involved there!)

Can't wait to see a post saying that you are feeling better. Pray it will be soon -- you're a trooper.

Karen said...

You poor dear. What misery to deal with such ravaging illness on top of your pregnancy.

Praying tonight that God will heal you sooner than later!

Stephens said...

I pray that today is off to a better start for you, friend! We have been praying for you. Thanks for sharing part of the song "Grace." I just talked about that song with Danelle yesterday, and when you and I ever get together again, I'll have to share with you some neat things God did recently in my own heart. :-) Love ya!

Rachel said...

I'm praying for you. I hope to hear that you're feeling better soon. :)

KColas said...

Blame it on the Fall of Man! Someday you won't ever have to feel yucky ever again! :) praying for you.

party of eight said...

i am so sorry you are so sick. i will be praying for you.

Carrie said...

Oh Jenny, I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time with this bug!! Praying that you feel much better today, and back to 100% soon.

Life in Lewisburg said...

God is good all the time.
Love, Shelley