Tuesday, February 19


Aaron & I went to see our favorite doctor yesterday for his 18 month check up. He's doing great, reaching and exceeding all developmental milestones. Speech-wise, he is apparently way ahead of the curve. The doc asked if he was using six words on a regular basis and I just about lost it laughing. Uh, yeah. More like six hundred. The doctor smiled and said something about toddler babbling, until Aaron looked at him and said "Doctor" as clear as day. My strange and wonderful boy.

He's now a whopping 25 pounds, which is slightly under the 50th percentile, and 33 inches, slightly over the 50th. Not a problem, as he seems healthy, happy, and just fine to me. His new favorite? Watching Curious George on PBS. "Monkey?" he will say, pointing at the TV. He does not get the concept that "Monkey" is not on TV whenever we so desire. He also loves watching sports, of all things. He sat next to Michael through THE ENTIRE SUPER BOWL (unlike his mother) and when a commercial would come on, would say "Football? Again? Football?" He also enjoyed watching the boys play basketball at our school's recent homecoming festivities. He's definitely into sports at this point, anyway.

Praise the Lord for His continued blessings!!


The Barkers said...

Oh that is great! Mr. Aaron has passed up Mr. Jonas on the percentiles!
I'm so glad you've been blessed with a healthy little guy!
I can not believe he watched the whole super bowl!

Rachel said...

Hooray for Aaron! I think that the both of us have boys that disprove the fact that girls are more verbal:). It sounds like Aaron is going to be talking in sentences very soon. Michael was spoke his first bona fide sentence just before he turned 19 months and he hasn't stopped talking since.

It's great that he is doing so well and such that he's such a healthy little guy. God is so good to give you such a special boy. What a blessing motherhood is!

ruth said...

Uh-oh, a sports fanatic, eh? I can't quite make myself sit through the super bowl either. :)

Janelle said...

Sounds like your Aaron is a healthy and happy little boy! That truly is a blessing from God!!!

THE HABING Crew said...

Yay! You have a perfectly happy and healthy talker!!!! I just love that!
I echo the super bowl thing. It began the day after delivering Aidan while still in the hospital. There sat my dad, my husband, and my brand new baby boy in recliniers they mooched from other rooms watching football. It's been a tradition since (although that first one was the only one I've managed to stay put for!).

Karis said...

You're right -- the Lord has greatly blessed you with a precious little boy -- praise His name. I've forgotten the 18 month days but this made me remember and smile thinking about Kayla at that stage.