Thursday, January 3


You would think the child would have more hair at 17 months. I can't believe he's that old already. Here he is, fresh out of the shower. He sees daddy coming home after work and says:

"Hi! Hi! Hi!" (number of "hi's" varies)
"Pesha" (pencil - Michael works with one behind his ear, and Aaron likes to help him put it away)
"Hat" (helps Michael put his work hat away)

And in they go.

Incidentally, don't you love the polka dots in Aaron's room? You don't have to - I love them. *grin* I still have 2 walls to finish, because things happen and interrupt the projects. Then all of the dots need a second coat.


Erin Neiner said...

I LOVE the polka dots!!!! Oh...I am soooo tempted to do it in Jack's room! The colors are perfect. But I promised myself I was going to keep the wall color neutral in case a girl pops along some day!! :(

I also love Jack's curls and am holding out as long as I can until his first cut. Although Aaron's are beautifully blond!!

Happy New Year!!!

TwoMuths said...

Thanks, Erin! I decided on green & brown for our nursery 'cause I thought it would do well with either gender - I will just add a little pink should a girl enter our family.

partyofsix said...

aaron's curls are cute. i think he has plenty of hair. i don't think i got hair until i was about 7 years old.

i like the dots too. it is a very creative idea. - i painted stars on the ceiling the summer marco and antonio came. i literally spent hours on them, sweating in the hot hot summer, and it gave me a sore neck. when God brought the boys they loved their room, but they told me they would rather have a big green bay packer helmet painted on the ceiling instead. oh for the love... oh well.

Stephens said...

Yes, I am catching up on reading blogs! I just love visiting yours. You inspire, encourage, and admonish me so often in your posts. Thanks! :-) By the way, I love the curls, but you know what Uncle Kris thinks and said to Jonas when his got long. Ha ha Oh, and the polka dots in Aaron's room are just awesome!