Tuesday, January 22


Aaron and Michael both got haircuts last night. It was not Aaron's first haircut, but it was the first time I'd attempted to use the clippers on his little head. The back and sides were too much for scissors this time!! He watched me cut Michael's hair, with great interest. He kept saying "Hay-ow" (hair) and when it came time for his turn, he did so great - no yelling or screaming. He was vvvvery curious to see the hair come off the clippers, though, and was constantly turning his head to see. That makes life a little interesting. Praise the Lord for blade guards. Pictures to come!


Kara said...

We live by the clippers- one husband, 2 boy children, all buzzed up so handsome!

Matt & Nicki said...

I'm jealous. . Silas HATES having his hair cut and screams through the process. . we use the clippers as well, and you would think someone was beating him by the way he responds--it's rather frustrating and I am hoping he grows out of it!

Rachel said...

Cute story - can't wait to see pics of Aaron with his "big boy" haircut:).