Friday, July 30


SO, we have been getting some pretty great news lately, which is always nice!

Yesterday, Michael (who has had a looooong history with back pain) had an appointment with my nutritionist who is also a chiropractor. We have been looking for a chiropractor who does soft tissue work as a part of the adjustment. Not only did she do a great job with the adjustment, we found out that she has a Family Wellness Plan for those people whose insurance will not cover chiropractic care. What does this mean?

Well, our entire family can go to see her as often as we need to for a flat rate. The price is $140 for every 30 days. One visit for adjustments costs $40. Michael's new patient appt and adjustment would have been $100. This is a no brainer. And a special blessing from God. We are praying that, with continual care, we can see some real improvement for Michael - and the rest of us! (and what a deal for the next time I am pregnant and need the chiropractor every week! This is NOT an announcement. I just am thinking about our expense with chiropractic care during my last pregnancy)

Our next appointment is Monday - my birthday! So we will be heading to Bay City for adjustments and then going out to eat. How fun! I think we are definitely getting older when I'm thrilled to bits about getting an adjustment on my birthday! Ha!! Hey, I love my life, so why shouldn't I let everyone know?! If you think I'm a fuddy duddy then you just can think that. I'm having a great time!

Speaking of birthdays, you will definitely want to come back on Monday. I've been thinking of ways to celebrate my THIRTY FIRST birthday, and you will definitely have a chance to win something fabulous.

Because, as you may not know, being 31 is definitely going to be fabulous. (It's a prime number, after all.)

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