Monday, July 19


We haven't had a Works of God Monday around here in quite some time. I'd say I'm taking the summer off, but really, I've been lazy and busy...not usually on the same day, although that does happen.

So, here are some blessings! Feel free to link up your blessings this week as well, or mention them in the comment section.

1. Our far-away friends are in our time zone, and better yet, in our TOWN! We've already had some great times catching up and laughing together

2. Garage sale finds. This summer has been packed with great deals on books - especially those consumable books like paint-with-water that are super hard to find in the stores. I also love paying 25 cents rather than full price!

3. Birthdays in the works. It's 12 days until my oldest turns 4 (GASP) and my mom found the perfect cake accessories. Aaron has requested an ORANGE cake, so that should be fun. :-) My birthday is the 2nd, Evan turns 2 a short 13 days later, so it's going to be a month of birthdays.

4. My mom. She's been overworked and underpaid as grandma and mom extraordinaire this summer. I'm positive that she's saved me from a total nervous breakdown several times.

5. God's provision. All the time, He is good to us. He knows what we need, and when I fail to trust Him, He reminds me anyway of how faithful He is. Praise God!

6. Continued successes with my physical health! Hurray!

And finally, summer time brings fun prize winning opportunities (shameless plug alert) Please Vote for Evan (You have to "Like" Wojo Photography first). I can win a free photo session!

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Kara said...

Ooooo- orange flavored or orange colored cake? Can't wait to see some birthday pics!
And I can't believe our babies are almost 2!!! Crazy.