Friday, December 18


and there went the week.

It's been anything but silent here. I typed up a works of God Monday post and it got eaten by my computer.

I was SO not in the mood for a computer issue, but I had to laugh at the irony of my bad mood in light of the post topic - I had some sort of stomach bug wake me up mid-sleep early Monday morning and was totally out of commission all day, sleeping while Michael stayed home from work. Tuesday I was half-better, and trying to wrap up my Pampered Chef shows for December, Wednesday I was rushing around getting ready for our youth group party and trying to feel better. Thursday was crazier than I can even say - and I was cleaning and doing projects in timer-induced 20-minute intervals. In between draining sessions of discipline.

Needless to say, I didn't make the time to blog.

And now it's Friday night. Michael just called to tell me he wasn't quite on his way home from his job, currently with a 1-hour commute. AND he's feeling pukey like I was on Monday, poor guy.

SO THANKFUL for God's grace and encouragement through His Word. I'm reading through Colossians right now - awesome.


Alicia said...

Our week went by quickly too! Thankfully we didn't have the stomach issues to contend with but we have been in hyper-holiday mode with preschool outings and preparations for family coming to visit.

Hoping Michael doesn't come down with it so you can have a restful enjoyable weekend together!

(I'M reading through Colossians right now too! Honestly, great stuff. I'm focusing on the overflowing joyful thankfulness and love being the motivation for my "clothing" of kindness, compassion, etc. etc.)

Shelley said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Woosh said...
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