Thursday, December 10

isn't this the case?

So, I always find the cutest, yummiest ideas when I've renewed my "say no to sugar" vows. Even during my post-Thanksgiving sugar withdrawal, I love to go drool over at Bakerella...have you seen these?? They were posted last year about this time. I just love those cute little Santa hats!

I've always been a sucker for all things miniature. I won't tell you which second grade classmate of mine and I had a ball making "mini" versions of all our classroom crafts, unbeknownst to our teacher. (all the other kids took FOR.EV.ER to finish their crafts!!) I'd sure hate to embarrass him.

So anyway, if I had enough time (uninterrupted) I would definitely try to make some of these little cute cake pops for friends and family for Christmas!! Do you have any fun homemade Christmas presents in the works this year?

We do, and when I say "we" I mean Michael. Stay tuned for the after-Christmas reveal!


Shelley said...

I love homemade gifts.
This year it was jam, potpourri pillows, dried fruit, and candles.

Alicia said...

I'm in awe of your no-sugar commitment around the holidays. Wow. You are a strong woman.

I'm in the midst of several homemade gifts and I'm getting nervous as the days fly by that I'll not get them done in time! Can't post on my blog about them yet since all my family reads it.