Friday, February 16


Dear Micah,
You're going to love being on the outside. Your momma and daddy are great! (or at least, that's what my momma and daddy tell me!) I can't wait to meet you, and I am SO EXCITED that you are finally born. Send pictures, quick!!



Shanna Walters said...

Does this mean Tim and Sarah had their baby?

TwoMuths said...

Yeppers! Check out the link for some cute pictures!!

Micah Joel Valiante said...

Dear Aaron,

Can't wait to meet you. Mommy and daddy have been telling me all about you and our future visit at Christmas. I bet we'll be the best of friends.

With all the love in my little gizzard,


TwoMuths said...

Dear Micah,
Hopefully we can see you before Christmas! Mommy's friend Julia is getting married in June, and I think the wedding is kinda close to where you are. I hope it works out for us to meet each other this summer! That way we can get a good head start on being best buddies.

Don't hurt your gizzard!