Tuesday, January 16

two hours passed

cuddled up
the blue expanse
of still-warm sheets
our little person
eyelashes sweep
his pale pink skin
I take this moment in

each minute flies
each breath
each cry
there is a place inside
that screams for time to stop
so I can swallow
these seconds slowly

his little fingers twitch
his sleepy smiles
his heavy sighs
what dreams, what dreams

what dreams have I


Alicia said...

powerful and beautiful. did you write this? enjoy those moments! they fly by too quickly!

ruth said...

Beautiful-I know Jenny wrote that!

Carrie said...

Jenny, this is so beautiful. It really captures those motherhood moments so perfectly!! Thank you for sharing.

Stephens said...

Wow! Sniff, sniff. . .

TwoMuths said...

yep, I wrote it. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing again. glad you guys like it.

journeyer said...

It's beautiful! Do write more.