Friday, March 24

unscathed, amazed and ignorant

Well, the ultrasound is over, and went relatively well. Happily, we still are unaware of our baby's gender! The technician was SOOOO nice and was great at explaining what it was she was doing at all times. Our little child was not being cooperative as far as allowing photos of the heart to be taken, so it took a little longer, but we finally saw all 4 chambers (and the spine, and the kidneys...WOW) I am amazed at the goodness of God in giving us the opportunity to watch this little person growing inside me!


Shannon said...

I think my perspective on Ps 139 grew 100 times after we had that ultrasound. It's so amazing that a little life can be inside of you, and I still haven't gotten over that. It's hard to explain til you go through it, isn't it??

Alicia said...

Amazing, eh? I know, Matt and I were just in awe during our 5 mos. ultrasound. I think we asked more questions of the technician than she had ever gotten!

Esther L. Muth said...

Great Picture of our future grandchild! Thanks for sharing with us.

Mom & Dad Muth

TwoMuths said...

Shannon--you are so right. Words fail when you try to explain. Makes you wonder how anyone could believe we all "just happened"

Mom & Dad came with us since they had never had opportunity to see a baby ultrasound. It's amazing what progress has been made since our births!!

Al--our tech answered questions we hadn't even thought of! It was so fun.

Mom Muth! Wish you could have been there, too!!!