Wednesday, March 8

a little bitty reason to blog away

Here is the main reason we're starting to blog--photos of the coming child. This was our first ultrasound, done about 2 months ago I guess. Jenny's 20 weeks along and counting...due at the end of July!

A family update will follow! (Just trying to get this started)


Dynamic Duo said...

awesome, i love it!!! I'm an uncle

Shyla said...

i love baby pics!!
i have another ultrasound next thursday! stay tuned!!
i think the baby looks like you! :)

Alicia said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Jenny! And congrats congrats congrats. You are going to LOVE mommyhood.

Reads said...

Thanks for the note on our blog, it helped me find yours! Well my first due date was July 14th, now they are saying July 27th! We are really excited and overwhelmed with God's goodnes to us. We have found out that we are having a little girl!! The ultrasound pics are lots of fun to show off to friends in family. From what Josh and Karen have said, we are not far apart! We need to e-mail and get together some time. It was great hearing from you guys!

jeileenbaylor said...

Hey there!

It was so nice to see you on our blog :o)

Congratulations on the baby! we are so excited for you both :o)

We like your blog. Keep it up!

Julie and Tim

Shannon said...

Congrats on the little one! We love being parents, if you can't tell. :) It provides lots of blogging subjects!