Monday, March 20

divine appointments

So, last week we were over at our "dump of a house" doing a little work and who should come to the door but two very sweet-faced Mormon Missionaries. I opened the door and you should have seen the look on their faces. Those two girls were utterly speechless.

The inside of our house is basically concrete floors, studs and insulation at the current moment, so I am sure it took them by surprise. I explained that we didn't live there, and they immediately registered looks of relief. We exchanged a little small talk.

You know how sometimes God brings people to you and you're not ready? This was one of those times for me. I could only manage a few stammering sentences like "we go to Calvary Baptist" and "no thanks" to their offer of a pamphlet. We didn't have our Bible with us, and fleetingly I wished I had a Bridge tract to give them, but who takes tracts to go remodel? (me, from now on!!) So when I said goodbye to those two, I thought it was the end of that and sighed again at my lack of preparation.

Not two days later, I was in Wal-Mart (freshly loaded with tracts) and who should I see walking out of the store but the two Mormon Missionaries?!?! I finished up my checkout and literally chased them across the parking lot. When I finally caught up with them, I was able to share a little more with them, explaining that I wished that I'd taken a little more time with them at the house, handed them a tract, told them that it explained what the Bible says about how to have a relationship with God. I told them we'd love to see them come to church at Calvary sometime. (I know that part of their requirement on their missions is that they attend a non-LDS church) They seemed interested, or at least semi-open, so please pray with me that these girls will show up. I know the possibility of talking one on one with them during their mission is pretty slim, but God knows how the seed of the gospel planted now can make a world of difference when the time is right.

This week is missions conference at our church. Yesterday, the message was about looking for those seeking Truth, and the speaker referenced some Mormons that have reached the conclusion that their church is lying to them--"good" Mormons who have done the mission thing and what not. It was a great reminder to me that God's work is always going on, and a huge conviction that instead of being static in my witness, I need to be alert and ready for those times God leads people across my path or even right to my door!


Alicia said...

Holy moly Jenny, way to take advantage of your second opportunity with those Mormon girls! Why can't they attend an lds church during their mission? That seems weird. I'll help you pray for them. I agree, we need to see lost souls as searching souls and meet them in their need. Too often we try to blast people away with Scripture instead of seeing things from their perspective. Let us know what happens with these gals!

TwoMuths said...

Sorry for the confusion, they have to VISIT a non-LDS church...oops.

thanks for the prayers!

Shannon said...

What an opportunity! Way to be observant even at Wal-Mart. today..I get so wrapped up in shopping wisely, I couldn't even tell you who was around me. I'll pray that the Lord will allow your paths to cross again.

Ruth Valiante said...

Wow, Jenny, chasing them down in the parking lot takes guts and motivation! I'm ashamed to say that I probably would have used the expansive parking lot as an excuse to let them go. I'm glad you didn't give yourself an excuse. Keep us posted if they show up to church.

Love ya!

TwoMuths said...

Trust me, it wasn't MY idea to go trucking across the parking lot! :-) God was pushing me the whole way. Boy was I glad after talking to them, though. Keep praying!