Thursday, December 6

investing in sanity

Our weeks are pretty crazy, it seems.  But then again, I like a simple life. And when things get off just a little bit, or mama gets sick, well, you know what happens.  Chaos upon chaos.  Or maybe it just happens to me?

This week our schedule got all wonky for the beginning of the week, and by this morning, we were all begging for a change of scenery.  The children were sick to death of their mother, and the clutter and dirt in this house were driving me a little past the brink of insanity.  On more than one occasion I had to get out my go-go-gadget arms and hang on tight.

So this morning, I dropped the kids off with a friend who is also their usual farm-day sitter, (they came with me this week to the farm) and I cleaned the house whilst I paid for child care.

Best. Investment. Ever. (okaaaaaay, best investment in a long while)

I think I'd rather do this than hire a house cleaner.  Almost.  I really REALLY hate to dust.

But seriously, there are many Things You Can't Do while kids are around in the cleaning/dejunking department, can I get an Amen? Because when kids are around, and you find a random part for a toy you know has long been missing, the 1200 square feet of house becomes 12 square feet of house and they Know What Your Plan is, and there are voices loudly protesting the throwing away of such useless plastic part.  In our house the same thing happens with Sunday school papers, doodles, and stickers that have lost their stick.

So it's been a cleansing day.  In more than one way.

SO thankful for sitters, for friends, and for breaks.  Because sometimes all you need is 3 childless hours to get things done!  (tomorrow, I get to do it for someone else! YAY!)


KColas said...

I love the way you tell stories, with your "go-go-gadget arms" and "do I get an Amen?" you crack me up.

My 17-yr-old guest spent a few days with another family in my church this week and I had some time to do some de-cluttering of my to-do-list. It was glorious! :)

Mom and Dad Muth said...

Great pictures of the kids! I'm glad you got to have your childless day to catch up. I bet it was tempting to just rest! I'm glad you got a lot done. Love you Jenny!

Mom Muth (aka Grandma Muth)