Monday, November 19

a fond farewell

So we've had a tree removed.  SO thankful to our friend from church for taking it down for such a great deal! He did a great job and we are so glad to have the messy cottonwood out of our lives!  Hurray, no more sticky seed pods sticking to bare feet, shoes - no more raking up messy little sticks during EVERY season, no more air full of stifling cotton, no more giant trunk obscuring my view of the play area - all very good things. 

Praising God for this blessing - so thankful!  The tree could have quickly become a hazard to our home and it can do no harm lying on the ground in chunks!  Sounds like there are a few people interested in coming to get the majority of the wood - so until then, we have a fun jungle gym in the back yard.  Anybody know any lumberjack games?

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Mom and Dad Muth said...

What an awesome undertaking! So, who was dangling from the tree?