Thursday, May 12


Something fabulous happened after church last night.

We got a wedding present.

One of dad's cousins came to our wedding, 8 years ago come December. We were so glad she could join us. And we certainly did not notice that she didn't bring a gift!

Anyway, through a slightly bizarre and still somewhat obscure (to my knowledge) set of events, this beautiful quilt was gifted to us. She did a beautiful job of applique and I just love the variety of colorful fabrics.

And really - this is the perfect time for wedding gifts - when the originals are starting to show their age!

Happy Wedding to us!


Rosemary said...

Beautiful!!!! Since you and Michael are still in love like newlyweds, it's appropriate :D

Shelley said...

very nice

TwoMuths said...

Aw, Aunt Rosemary - we ARE! I guess by that standard, you and Uncle Dale are due for some wedding gifts, too - right?? :-)

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful surprise! And quilts are always beautiful. I'm sure you will all enjoy it :-)

Rachel, said...

that is fabulous!