Wednesday, March 2

more or less

Thanks so much for your words of congratulations and your excitement for us! We are thrilled to be welcoming another Muth. I'm due September 10, so I'm 12 weeks along, and still feeling very tired and constantly nauseous. God's grace and Michael's support have gotten me through the worst of it, I HOPE!

The plan for now is to pursue a second home birth but again do ob co-care. I just have to get my rear in gear and actually call the doc and get an appointment. It will be minimum co-care, with an ultrasound to check out all the internals and make sure there is not an obvious reason to give birth at the hospital.

Aaron is convinced we are having a girl, and he wants to name her. Huh. Interesting. (Not gonna happen) He says he knows that God decides what we are having and he will be okay with whatever we get. But he still thinks it will be a sister. Evan doesn't really seem to get it, but we have 6 months. Ha!

People have been wishing a girl child upon me and I will tell you that I am equally terrified of having 3 boys as I am of having a girl added to our family. I'm sure this has something to do with #3 being the first situation where we are officially outnumbered. I'm hoping it will help that the kids will be a little older (5 and 3).


Shelley said...

Congratulations on your new little blessing on it's way. I pray for a healthy child and a healthy pregnancy. Children truly are a blessing from God.

Curt and Sarah said...

You just switch your game plan from man-to-man to zone. It's really not as different as you imagine. :)
So happy for your whole family!

Alicia said...

Congrats again! I actually thought the change from 1 to 2 kids was a much bigger deal than from 2 to 3. You're already used to being super busy, meeting needs, and juggling a kid on a hip while multi-tasking! The beautiful thing for me when we had our 3rd was seeing how much more my oldest comprehended and enjoyed the new sibling. You'll do great!

Mary Ann said...

Since I have no children I have no words of reassurance or advice :-) But I will be praying for you as you make dr. appointments/decisions, deal with sickness & tiredness. I do have this happy feeling inside that says it's going to be great!

Rosemary said...

Congratulations!! You and Michael are wonderful parents and your boys are great kids. "Child #3" is one lucky little person! HUGS and love from Aunt Rosemary

Katie said...

Congratulations! The best thing about my 3rd baby was that I was so much more relaxed than with my 1st too. I didn't worry about what I didn't need to worry about and just enjoyed Elliot. I'm really happy for you all!

Tim and Richelle said...

outnumbered, yes... but remember, you ain't "outhanded"


that's when it gets really tricky!

so happy for you... God has so blessed you!