Monday, October 11

It's a Monday Miracle!

Aaron finally let me tape him singing - and he didn't SCREAM the words, he just sang in his adorable little 4 year old voice! I love the little hop in the strangely appropriate (lyrically) place. This little boy is growing up - and I love him!! Thank you, Jesus for this gift of motherhood and for the gift described in Aaron's song.

The Gospel Song

Holy God in love became
Perfect Man to bear my blame
On the cross He took my sin
By His death I live again


Stephens said...

Wow! That is priceless. . .

Shelley said...

very nice Aaron

dan and cheryl forbes said...

The jump was in the perfect place because of God's gift to us. Blessings upon blessings that you have the special privilege of teaching your sons about our awesome God and his love for us!