Friday, March 9

seven hundred sixty nine and fifty six cents

$406.08 - 800 square feet of laminate flooring
$319.92 - 800 square feet of quiet step underlayment
$ 43.56 - merchandise tax for good ole MI

knowing God cares about the cost of our flooring and has provided for this "we'd-be-fine-without-it-but-it-sure-is-great-to-have-it" home improvement item that despite the low cost met ALL our requirements for flooring - BEYOND PRICELESS!!!

Next, we "fix" our fireplace - so if anyone has ideas, better get them in soon. We've got a plan, but it's always subject to change if there's a great idea out there. Hopefully, laying the laminate will be our happy St Patrick's Day weekend activity. Much more profitable than turning a river green, if you ask me.


Rachel said...

What a huge blessing for your family! Isn't neat to see how God provides not only for our needs but gives us the "extras"? Enjoy!

Alicia said...

Ouch, it must hurt to see all the money sucked away for taxes . . . Praise the Lord for the great flooring though! I don't know nuttin about flooring prices, so I'll take you word that you got a good deal. Will it just take a weekend to lay the flooring down? Be sure to post pictures!

jeileenbaylor said...

how cool is that?! God is so good :o)