Monday, December 25

Merry Happy Days!

It was super fun to get together with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve Day - Uncle Gary & Aunt Connie got to see Aaron for the first time and it was pretty great.

Mom wanted a picture of us by our tree. Aaron is having a bit of a rough day, but he managed to make it through the photo shoot without screaming. HA.

And we have 4 generations here while Michael takes the picture. I love our tree, decorated courtesy of Michael's family when they were out for Thanksgiving.

I had forgotten how many ornaments we got for our wedding. This year is the first one with the big tree, and we filled it up pretty easily. We've got some pretty special ornaments that have neat-o memories connected to them from childhood. Our tree is topped with a wooden cross, handmade by Dad Forbes, also a wedding gift. I still remember the first Christmas that it dawned on me that it was different to have a cross on our tree - dad told me that it was to remind us of the reason Christ came. Today it was fun to read the Christmas story to Aaron and to tell him the reason we give gifts to each other at Christmas. We did not buy him anything this year, but he did have fun playing with the paper!

What kind of unique traditions do your families have?


Josh and Bekah Jones said...

We love the pictures. Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Oh, happy Anniversary too. It would be fun to get together when we are up in MI on deputation.

ruth said...

Merry Christmas, Jenny and Michael!

Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing the happy smiley pictures of your family! Believe me, Christmas will be even more fun for you next year as Aaron figures out how to rip apart wrapping paper . . .

Lissa said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! We thought about you guys on New Years Eve when we were watching a juggling show. It was stinkin' hilarious!

Lissa and Nate