Thursday, December 14

Alicia is (one of) my Hero(s)

I think the first memory I have of you, Al, is from my freshman year when Kathleen, Sarah, & Al took pity on little me and took me to a local eatery. We had a little too long of a good time, and on the way back took a wrong turn. I vividly remember seeing many trees and hills, and hearing Alicia go "AH! we can't be late!" as we flew with great haste back to campus. More memories of that year include the heisting of old NBBC uniforms and dodging the security guards (which were much less uptight than in more recent times) Yes, Alicia, once you guys graduated, the "good old days" came to a close. *sigh*

What I really want to say is THANK YOU FOR FIXING MY FORMAT!!! Those underlines were driving me nuts. You're the best.

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aliciahorn said...

You paint me as such a wild woman . . . I guess I was wild by nbbc standards. Oh my, Coach Phillips was sooooooooooooooooo mad at me for taking those old cheerleading uniforms! We sure had to be creative at nbbc to have fun,eh?

And I'm sure we weren't just "taking pity on you" when we took you out to eat. We love you girl! How else could we repay you for letting us borrow all your cool clothes?!? :)

You're very welcome for the format fix. That will be $287.98 for my time. How I wish I worked an IT job and could charge outrageous amounts!