Tuesday, May 23

a fleet of dumptrucks full

Thanks be to God "who daily loads us with benefits..." Here are just a few of the things we've seen Him doing these last few days/weeks:

1. perfectly normal blood test results for my one & only blood test of the pregnancy @ 28wks! (No GD, no RH issues, good levels on other stuff!)
2. Jim Miller's happy wedding to Liz on 5/19/06!
3. 32 more days until my brother ties the knot with Lissa, whom we love!!!
4. provision of a random assortment of house-improvement supplies that will save us lots of money, and some knowledgeable laborers to go with it!
5. an upcoming baby shower on June 3 (thank you, Andrea Stephens!)
6. a free window air conditioner (WAHOO!)
7. just 10 weeks left until little Muth makes his or her exodus to The Outside.
8. concert at church on Sunday afternoon was an amazing blessing
9. baby clothes! already trickling in - yay! no naked chillins!
10. decaf french vanilla coffee, and sleep...while I can still get it!


pamela s said...

Talk about small world! Your Pastor Stephens is the son of my former pastor in CO! I never met him personally, but heard many stories in his mom's high school English class. Crazy!

Your list of blessings is a great reminder of God's great provision. I'm so happy to see that your child will not be nekked.

COnatives said...

Glad to know that coffee continues to be a blessing to your soul. If I ever get a chance to be an influence in your child's life I will be sure to explain the bonding effect of a good cup of coffee :). I love and miss you, Jenny! Do you happen to have an e-mail address for Julia Tuttle other than her Northland one? Thanks!

TwoMuths said...

Small world indeed! The Stephens' are so great; we are blessed indeed to have them here! And I'm not just saying that b/c Andrea sometimes reads the blog. :-) WE LOVE HAVING THEM HERE!!!

You need to get that blog published soon! I wish you were here to share the aroma and the coffee with me!!! And don't worry, we'll keep your picture on our fridge and make sure our kiddos know who you are! :-)