Wednesday, May 24

can it be?

wildest coffee dreams do come true


LMLogan said...

you're hilarious!!
I was just figuring out why I've had 2 headaches w/in a week - both days I didn't drink my caffeinated coffee!! uh oh!!! :)

TwoMuths said...

Yep, it was tough for me to get off the caffeine, too! I had to a year ago b/c the cardiologist recommended it. BOOO. Now that I'm used to it, though, it gets pretty crazy when I do have it. LOL. I was pretty excited to see 111 flavors of decaf, roasted the day you order it...not so excited about the price, though!

pamela s said...

My hubby is a HUGE coffee lover. I get him Melitta which is the only one at the grocery store that passes his inspections. Folgers may never enter our house! Try these. I think they're in the process of being discontinued, but they're tasty. We've tried the Fr. Vanilla & regular.