Friday, February 8

Recent Happenings

Aaron finished his first grade reading curriculum - hurray! We had a party to celebrate - with cake! and grandparents! and spaghetti! He really enjoyed the special night.

We got just a little bit of snow - this isn't an accurate measurement.  Most people around here measured 12 inches.  :-)  Maybe I just measured too early!  It's our first big snow of the year!

we played outside with the neighbor kids!
we had "hot vanilla" with strawberry heart marshmallows

Cadey is a sad sick little baby

She really *wants* to eat the sausage.  Find the energy, girlie!

 We are all VERY ready for the sicknesses to leave this house!  I got so desperate that I opened the house (in 30 degree weather) and turned on the fans while the kids were resting yesterday, and Lysol-ed all the doorknobs and handles.  This afternoon we disinfect the bedding and curtains and vacuum some more.  We really are weary of this illness making continual house calls to our address!!

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Mom and Dad Muth said...

I really enjoyed looking at these pictures. I agree with you about there being times when we are all tired of being sick. Mary's boys were sick last week and part of the week before. Richard has still got a cough from his most recent sickness. I hope we don't have to all go through the cycle, again.
Praise the Lord for "normal days!"