Tuesday, May 1

of chicken most delicious

So I've been on a "real food" lifestyle change around here, but that doesn't prevent me from making this chicken. It's so good. It's so easy. It's so good. This is one of my few remaining holdout recipes that includes processed ingredients. And you could totally make this with homemade mayo (which I have not made to date) so I'm not that far off, right?! 

Chicken, 3 large boneless breast pieces, cut in half the long way (to make them thinner)
Mayo, about 2/3 cup, or a big spoonful
Mustard, (spicy brown or other grainy type works best) about a tablespoon, or a good healthy squirt
Onion Powder, a generous sprinkle, or green onions/chives
Cheese, any kind, about a cup shredded
Corn Flake or Bread Crumbs (I use GF)

Mix the mayonnaise, mustard, your choice of onion flavoring, and cheese together until it makes a thick mixture. Spread on the chicken, sprinkle generously with the crumbs of your choice, bake, covered, at 350* until done.  Serve with whatever you like. (I'm a sucker for fresh green beans or asparagus, personally) Uncover for the last little bit if you like a crunchy crust.



Mary Ann said...

Sounds good to me! We're trying to do the whole real food thing, too. With some things it's very easy; with other things it's very, very hard :-) Oh well, baby steps!

Tim and Sarah Valiante said...

I've saved it...sounds good to me! Thanks for all the yummy recipes you have already sent my way!