Thursday, October 20

recent happenings

Today I finished up the pie filling. Grand total, 35 jars. 1 did not seal (awwww...) and 2 have gone away already to new homes.

I still need to do up some more applesauce, and meanwhile we need to eat squash so there's room on this shelf.

Aaron is becoming a champion gum-bubble blower. Here's a 2-for-one.

Evan still hates wearing pants. Here, he demonstrates how versatile his pants can be. He wishes it was still summer.

Cadence models her hat from the fabulous Aunt Rosemary. We've gotten so many compliments on this hat, and the matching blanket. We LOVE IT!!! I'm going to be so sad when she outgrows it.

And here, Cadence's newest skill - smiling. So sweet. Love this girl!!


Mary Ann said...

You have been busy! That apple pie filling looks delicious. I'm sure your house smells won.der.ful.
That bubble is impressive & I'm totally with Evan - where did summer go?
Cadence's hat & that sweater are both adorable! She's a cutie patootie!

Rosemary said...

Awww Jenny, thanks for posting the current pictures of your beautiful children. Good job with that bubble Aaron! - maybe sometime you and your Great-great Aunt Rosemary can have a bubble-blowing contest :p Evan, I definately agree with you about wishing it was still summer :) Cadence, it's so precious to see you modeling your hat (it was SO much fun to make!) ... and your smile and your kissable cheeks :) - You are a sweetie! Hugs to everyone.

Mom and Dad Muth said...

Thanks for posting some up-to-date pictures of your kids. I can hardly wait to see them on Tuesday!

Love you all,
Mom Muth (Grandma)