Sunday, September 4


Michael reminded me that I hadn't posted any pictures on the blog of my bassinet makeover. I was wanting to try something other than our pack n play this time around - I was actually thinking a Moses basket, but then I got this bassinet at a garage sale for $5 (!!!) and decided to give it a makeover. The ruffles wouldn't have mattered to our baby, but I do prefer the more streamlined look! All these little projects are helping the time go by!

I froze 1/2 bushel of peaches this week and am beginning to wish I had more - those bags in the freezer look too few and too lonely - so I'm trying to decide if it's worth the risk of the baby coming before I can get to them to go get another 1/2 bushel. They are soooooo good!

Michael is playing cowboys with the kiddos while I type this. They have hats and scarfs on from the Imagination Box that Aaron got for his birthday and are giddy-upping around the house, and it's adorable. Michael's doing his best to wear out the kids despite the fact that he has hurt his foot somehow - the arch is so sore he's been using crutches. He thinks he tore a tendon or something in there. Hopefully the crutches will help his foot heal all by itself.

Aaron is getting anxious for the baby to arrive, telling Michael the other night, "Dad, we have been waiting for EV er for the baby!" and Evan just keeps talking to my belly and telling the baby to come out, and that he loves him/her, and a few other things.

Today Aaron came out of the bathroom and said, "Mom, I cleaned the bathroom sink for ya so you don't have to bonk your belly on it!" And proceeded to tell me all the parts of the sink he'd remembered to clean. Such a sweetie - most of the time!


Stephens said...

Great job! I know Cadence will love it. ;-) Sorry about Michael's foot. We will be praying that it heals quickly.

Mary Ann said...

Great job on the bassinet! And I really hope that Michael's foot is better by now.