Tuesday, June 14

God Provides. Again.

So, as it turns out, our old van sold today, at the exact price we were asking. When you add that price to the settlement from Michael's Jeep rear ending...wait, I didn't mention that?


Michael had a fender bender and the back hatch doesn't open, the hitch got bent down - anyway - the Jeep was considered a total loss BUT our insurance company took a fraction off and let us keep the very driveable Jeep. So we got a settlement. (the body shop can fix the hatch, they say, for less than $100 in a non-beautiful way.)

So when you add the price of the settlement to the price we got today from the Dodge minivan: it totals exactly what we paid for our new minivan.

The happy dance is most definitely called for. We are praising God for His many blessings.


ruth said...

Awesome! Praise the Lord. What an encouragement to me to read of God's provision and answer to prayer. Love ya!

Lissa said...

Wow that is great! I love hearing those God-providing stories.

take care,

Shelley said...


Mary Ann said...

I'm happy dancing with you! What a tremendously good God we serve. Thanks so much for sharing.