Monday, April 18

at belly level

I came down the hall Saturday morning, still in my pj's, and Aaron looked up to say good morning and did a double take. "Whoa, mom! Your belly is SO BIG!" Ha, thanks Aaron - it's only going to get bigger. I imagine things look different when your eyes are right at belly level.

Later that day, Aaron got to feel the baby move - it was so fun! I think having a 4 year old during a pregnancy is a ton of fun - it's a different perspective than having just a 2 year old! Evan is excited too - his favorite thing is to "tickle the baby" which gets old, but it's fun to see that mischievous grin.

Sunday morning, I was having some pretty intense contraction-like pains, so I called the midwife. (I didn't want to - she was getting her family ready to head out the door to church!) She ended up coming over to check everyone out. She thought they are probably Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are good and normal, but I need to work on drinking a lot more, and I need to set up an appointment with the doctor just to touch base with him in case things go haywire, and also to set up my ultrasound. My midwife was concerned that the BH were painful. I do remember this type of pain with Evan, but not until about 30 weeks.

So anyway, yesterday I was 19 weeks pregnant, and I'm measuring at 21, which I guess is pretty typical for 3rd babies. Everything else looked great. This little one is moving around like crazy! I can't believe I'm almost at the halfway point!!


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the little update; I was wondering how you were doing & I had completely lost track of how far along you were. I'm glad you have such a good midwife to take care of you & your little one :-)

Shelley said...

That is such a joy. I guess your writing these things down by blogging about them.
I kept a little journal and wrote the funny things my kids said at that age. It brought me great joy.

LMLogan said...

we need to see that little belly with this update :) :)

Rosemary said...

I love this ... You can always trust a kid to tell it like it is. :D Praying for you and your wee one.

Kara said...

You take care of yourself!! I also struggled with drinking lots of water. And the more pregnancies I have the worse the Braxton Hicks get. Oh no- I'm that annoying person with lots of "useful" advice... :)